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Welcome Home to Golden Splendor Assisted Living

Golden Splendor Assisted Living is a non-medical Residential Care Facility for the Elderly licensed by the State of Texas to serve up to seven residents. We provide care and services to those who need assistance, have health issues or are no longer safe to live by themselves.

  • Small Private Facility.  Your loved one will live in a house in a residential neighborhood. This  creates a comfortable environment providing socialization and fun. Our home is the right size where our residents feel comfortable and a part of a group.​
  • We Are Privately Owned.  Our management team is dedicated and focused on the operation of the facility and provides continuous instructions to assist our caregivers to effectively care for our residents.
  • Our Exceptional Location and Environment.  Our home features a comfortable floor plan with an outdoor patio that encourages movement and provides a soothing and calming environment for our residents. It is within easy reach for visitors.
  • All-Inclusive Care.  A stress-free environment where care, services, food and basic supplies are included into one cost-effective rate.
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Meet the Team at Golden Splendor Assisted Living

Harold Stewart

Facility Maintenance Manager, Co-owner

Harold Stewart is the Facility Maintenance Manager, Co-owner of Cozy Living Community and is responsible for making sure that the facility and its services meet the needs of the residents, family, and staff.

He is accountable for repair and maintenance, security, and parking. He communicates workplace safety precautions to employees and recommends mechanical, electrical and facility design modifications.

He ensures that the facility is maintained according to the company’s policies and procedures, conducts and documents regular facility inspections, and ensures that security and emergency preparedness are current and up to date.

Harold has 40 years of corporate executive experience in the following industries: hospital administration, industrial relations (manufacturing plant, field operations), human resources, assisted living facilities, and holistic health and wellness.

His accumulative work experience gives him a broad background to apply day to day functions in the assisted living business. Many of his experiences are directly transferable to the current work environment in the following manner: interacting with staff and medical personnel, facility maintenance, and strategic planning.

Harold serves as a board member of the Stewart and Malveaux Corporation, providing expertise in his field and working with other board members to implement, evaluate and improve the following: cost management, asset management, operation strategies, and performance improvement.

Harold plays many roles in his life. He is a jazz musician, swimmer, family man, fisherman, and an avid sports enthusiast.

Inecia Stewart


A native of Missouri City, Texas, Inecia Stewart is a proud graduate of Willowridge High School, Prairie View A & M University School of Nursing, and Prairie View A & M Graduate School of Nursing. The daughter of Harold and Jo Stewart, Inecia takes great pride in her community and considers it an honor to co-manage Cozy Living Community; an assisted-living facility that offers comprehensive care and encouragement for local seniors. The product of a loving family and supportive community, Inecia Stewart was destined for success.

At an early age, Inecia identified her passion for health and science. As acknowledged by her high school teachers, and college professors, Inecia was a gifted student who possessed the skills and drive needed to become a leader in the field of Nursing. Never one to neglect an educational opportunity, Mrs. Stewart has received extensive training and mastered an array of both common and complex patient care skills such as iv infusion, critical care, and gerontology, obtaining a master’s degree in nursing education, and a nursing certification in gerontology. Inecia is a member of many esteemed Nursing-focused organizations such as the American Association of Critical Care and the Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes (TORCH). She currently presides as Secretary of both the state and Houston chapter of TORCH. In her spare time, Inecia participates in a wide spectrum of activities such as attending professional development workshops, exercising and spending quality time with her family.

Guided by her compassion for others and her faith in God, Inecia Stewart continues to identify new areas of learning to expand her professional knowledge while simultaneously responding to the medical needs of her IV infusion patients at Soleo Healthcare, Critical Care patients at St. Joseph hospital and managing resident care at Cozy Living Community, Assisted Living Facility.

Jo Stewart

Co-owner, Registered Nurse

Jo is a loving wife and mother of two children. She is also a highly esteemed and knowledgeable RN.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Texas Women University. Specializing in IV infusion, she achieved experience in several areas of nursing. These areas include Neuro ICU, Neonatal ICU, Chemotherapy, Infusion Management and Director of nursing education.

Mrs. Stewart’s vision to open an assisted living facility was realized in 2004. It was this vision that lead her to join TORCH (Texas Organization for Residential Care Homes); where she actively held several board positions. These Board positions include; secretary, vice president, president, and currently holds a director at large position.

In addition to the state organization, she held several board positions at the local chapter level and is currently the chapter’s treasurer.

While developing her skill as an intravenous therapy nurse, she has held several board positions with the Greater Houston Chapter of INS (Intravenous Nurses Society). She’s currently a local and national member; and treasurer for the local chapter.